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Virtual Medical Visit (Telemedicine)




Normal Business Hours


Weekends or Holidays*

*If no same-day appointments are available on booking calendar, please call Crystal at 316-644-1220 and she will try to accommodate your appointment.

Telemedicine is a way to visit with a healthcare provider from any place, including your home. Crystal is providing telemedicine visits for more accessible healthcare. These visits do not take the place of annual physicals or maintenance visits. Crystal wants to work with your primary care primary, not take the place of your primary care provider.

Telemedicine visits with Crystal include treatment for MINOR illness; including, but not limited to:

  • colds

  • flu

  • rash

  • pink eye

  • nausea / vomiting, etc.

The practitioner WILL NOT provide:

  • maintenance care of comorbidities

  • pain medication

  • controlled medication refills

  • treatment for more severe illness including:

    • chest pains

    • shortness of air

    • abdominal pains

    • memory loss, etc.

For emergency or life threatening concerns, call 911 or present to the local ER.

*After-Hours, Weekend and Holiday Appointments vary by Crystal's availability

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